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We have services to cover all your demand

We are committed to efficient management of the necessary resources to execute a Capital Investment Project, in order to meet the objectives set in regards to scope, time, cost, quality and safety, ensuring the minimum environmental impact and with a remarked sense of social responsibility.

Marine Studies

  • Bathymetry

  • Soil Studies

  • Tidal Studies

  • Geophysical Studies

  • Suspended Sediments

  • Geotechnical Studies



Construction management

Zelda Group provides integrated project management services for maritime facilities projects throughout the entire execution period, from the initial definition phase (visualization, conceptual engineering and basic engineering) to the completion of the implementation phase (detailed engineering, procurement, construction and start-up - EPC), which allows maintaining continuity and maximizes added value throughout the overall execution of the project, in addition to the return on investment.


Breakwaters and Coastal Protection.

Underwater Pipelines


Submarine Works

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